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Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC was founded in 2005 as a small farming and hunting operation in North West Missouri.  Our goals were to merge a "for-profit" agricultural operation with Trophy Whitetail Deer, and Turkey Hunting.  Since that time, we have killed the largest bucks in the entire area!  By we, I specially mean our commercial hunting operation with a monster 192" Non-typical killed in 2016; 181" typical killed in 2016; 197" drop tine killed in 2010, and another 190 5/8" killed in 2011...Several smaller Boone and Crockett animals and many Pope & Young bucks have been taken as well!


Who We Are

Who We Are
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Some Great Video of Lands Managed by MWSP

Some Great Video of Lands Managed by MWSP

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About Us

Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company established in 2005.  Its founder has been active in the hunting industry since the late 1990's.  Like so many,  spending many years traveling to mid west to bow hunt whitetails, finally became a relocation effort and in 2005 MWSP purchased 190 acres of land consisting of timber, native grass, and pasture.

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