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Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC was founded in 2005 as a small farming and hunting operation in North West Missouri. Our goals were to merge a “for-profit” agricultural operation with Trophy Whitetail Deer, and Turkey Hunting. Since that time, we have killed the largest bucks in the entire area! By we, I specially mean our commercial hunting operation with a monster 197″ drop tine killed in 2010, and another 190 5/8″ killed in 2011…; 181″ typical killed in 2015; and a 192 3/8″ killed in 2016!  Several smaller Boone and Crockett animals and many Pope & Young bucks have been taken as well!

It only took about 4-5 years of intensive management and food plots…Oh yea…and owning a “Near BORDER FARM” doesn’t hurt either! For those of you who know what I’m talking about – you know I mean land that borders the state of Iowa (but not in Iowa). At least in the serious circles of bowhunters, the Iowa bow tag is a coveted tag in the country and one of the hardest to get as a non-resident (unless you’re pals with the IA Governor)!

So, as you review this real estate deal, as well as the information contained on these pages, ask yourself how many of the properties you are considering offer a turn key, income producing system with (likely) the best and only history of killing world class bucks that 99.9% of all hunters will only dream about? How many have in place fruit tree groves? well established food plots? Premier turkey hunting, Ponds stocked 6-10 years ago and thriving AND income from annual, and insurable crops? Lastly, all designed, managed, and produced by a 15-year veteran of the hunting industry. The simple answer is you can’t, you won’t; properties such as these are just not available.

This is a stand alone operation designed, from the beginning with a single purpose: Growing and harvesting giant whitetails, and making a little money doing it!

Update May 2017 and Backstory:

We decided in 2014 to sell our farming and hunting operation after the owner underwent a reconstructive spine surgery.  The surgery was a success but farming and bow hunting became too risky to continue so the idea was to sell the operation and relocate to a warmer climate.  Unfortunately after many attempts to find another place to call home (including alot of travel), nothing really felt like what we have grown accustomed to in the mid west; so we decided to stay and reduce our land and equipment holdings but keep the home farm where we have lived since 2010.

As of 2018; we have the McFall Property under contract; and now only the 171ac farm remains for sale.  Its an incredible opportunity to purchase a well managed property that has been bow only since 2006; with all needed stands and food -plots in place.  Plus I’ll be in the area in case you have questions while you are chasing your next (and maybe first) booner!

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About Us

Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company established in 2005.  Its founder has been active in the hunting industry since the late 1990's.  Like so many,  spending many years traveling to mid west to bow hunt whitetails, finally became a relocation effort and in 2005 MWSP purchased 190 acres of land consisting of timber, native grass, and pasture.

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