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Rare Missouri/Iowa Border Farm



11028 Hwy O, Hatfield, Missouri 64458 – Harrison County

$969,000   |   190 Acres

7 Bedroom 4 Bathrooms 3000 Sq.Ft.

Farms, Hunting Land, Residential Property

Home Farm is 190 Ac +/- with 60ac Crop ground, 8 ac food plots, 100ac hardwood timber and the balance is brush and ponds.  To See More Click Here!




These are truly must see opportunities. You need feet on the ground here to see what these farms have to offer! And please check out our photos! We regularly harvest Boone and Crocket animals on our properties and NOTE the huge percentage of daytime photos of shooter bucks…not just early season – the entire bow season!!! All the way into late January year in and out!

The Home farm is a premier bow hunting farm in NW Missouri approximately a half mile south of the Iowa border. This Missouri near Iowa border farm property has it all, fingers of timber separating small 5-8ac crop land for excellent ambush opportunities of huge Midwest whitetail bucks. In addition, the property carries with it a central timber big woods hunting sensation without the difficulty of hunting large timber tracts. It has multiple thick cedar bedding areas both in the wood line and adjacent to the woodline crop areas and food plots. The property is a large 190AC piece and hunts even bigger with excellent access provided for all winds. The most limiting wind is an East wind and thankfully East winds are rare. Turkey hunting is excellent with many birds roosting on the property. You simply will not find a better bow farm in the midwest and we have the harvest and trail camera photos to prove it!

No other surrounding properties boasts such seclusion which giant whitetails demand. All the farms have excellent ratios of crop/income to timber areas making them “season long” producers of giant buck opportunities. The properties generally have been a bow only since 2006 and the best bucks include bow kills of a giant 190 5/8th 6×6 Whitetail, a 183 Non Typical Whitetail and a 161 Typical Whitetail as well as multiple 140″ and 150″ whitetails. To our knowledge our outfit has killed the biggest bucks in the area since we began running hunts in 2005, including a giant 197 drop tine in 2010 (official score). In addition, we have a 99% success record of killing ALL the giant bucks on our farms vs surrounding farms…In other words, its all fair chase hunting, but if we photo a booner in August/September, in every case, we are the ones who harvest that buck even tho we know all the other surrounding property owners also have photos of the buck. We just get him, and we get him by bow!

Surrounding property owners are also decent managers of big bucks and offer their own food plot and/or crop opportunities for whitetails, management objectives etc, which due to the proximity and character of this farm, helps us at least as much as it helps them!

That said, ONLY our farms have begun to attract deer with fruit trees or nut trees and MWSP began this in 2008 and has been expanding plantings ever since. When these trees reach ultimate maturity, YOU will own the deer herds and your food plot costs will diminish as annual expenses.

The main residence is attached to the shop with the hunting lodge (aka bunkhouse)and guide cabin as accessory structures. The properties in place solar energy system is currently backed up by the grid but the property could easily be self sufficient with the addition of propane appliances and a propane generator and storage tank. The heat for the residence during winter months is a beautiful wood burning stove w stone surround and will heat the entire residence as a stand alone appliance with log wood…Plenty of woods available for firewood. Grab additional details from our website.


Platted at 190 Gross AC

4B/2B 1300+/-sf Hunting Lodge (Completely Renovated 2006)

2B/1B 1300+/-sf Residence w partial basement & wrap-around porch (Constructed 2011)

30×60 Insulated Shop, Concrete Floor, 3Bay/1End 15 Entryway (Constructed 2011)

16×22 Accessory Building w 1B/1B & Kitchen (Partial Renovation 2007)

Harvested 183 GNT 2009, 190 GT, 160 GT 2011, Multiple 140-160 harvested 2005-2011; Trail camera photos of all harvested bucks.

Bow only farm since 2006

140 minimum since 2006

Total Available Housing: 7B/4B at Farmstead (could be expanded)

Total Property/School Road Tax 2014: $2500.00 +/- (for all improvements)


 Forest Stand Improvement


We’ll continue to try and improve our cover production for deer.  These trees were planted in 2007 and have had a very tough time growing with the high deer populations.  These are some of the best specimens.  Some fields failed entirely and many trees were lost to drought.  While you might think they look pretty good, understand that these trees are Pitch Loblollies (cross between the Pitch Pin and Loblolly) AKA Pitch Lobs.  They should grow under average conditions about 5′ per year.

These trees are now about about 15′ tall (in places) and some are still only only 12″ tall (photo taken Fall/Winter 2014).  Now with  9-years of growth, they should be much taller and fuller, but its been an uphill battle.  This field sits next to a soybean field and we’ve watched deer walk right over the beans and come eat the pines…I even watched, one winter, five deer walk right through standing corn and into the pines to eat the pines…

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Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company established in 2005.  Its founder has been active in the hunting industry since the late 1990's.  Like so many,  spending many years traveling to mid west to bow hunt whitetails, finally became a relocation effort and in 2005 MWSP purchased 190 acres of land consisting of timber, native grass, and pasture.

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