Trial Cam Pics

Summer 2016


Due to the amount of interest our trailcam pics generate from surrounding property owners and hunters, we are NOT posting our summer trailcam pics.  Tho we have some GREAT deer this year.  If you want trailcam updates, I can add you to our email list of prospective buyers and will email you the weekly pics.

Read our “Updates” tab!  Our early Oct 2015 Bow hunters harvested an awesome 183″ 6×6 and a 150″ 5×5!  And Still LOTS of giants left to chase!

There simply can be no doubt about the quality of the genetics in our area and on our farms!  IF you are shopping for farms with a eye toward whitetail management and trophy hunting, how many on your list of possibilities include such a massive cross section of photo’s like these?  videos such as these? How many have a history of killing giant Booners such as our farms have demonstrated?  How many have in place stands, food plots, fruit trees, lodging, public water, private engineered and environmentally friendly waste disposal, efficient solar energy production?

We of course know the answer to this question, I don’t care who you are, or what your options might be, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own your very own piece of whitetail heaven!

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About Us

Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company established in 2005.  Its founder has been active in the hunting industry since the late 1990's.  Like so many,  spending many years traveling to mid west to bow hunt whitetails, finally became a relocation effort and in 2005 MWSP purchased 190 acres of land consisting of timber, native grass, and pasture.

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